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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Mail Order Zombie: Episode 095

Download Mail Order Zombie: Episode 095 here!

Brother D is about to take to the air for HorrorHound Weekend Cincinnati November 20-22, but he couldn't leave the MOZ Family hangin' without another episode of Mail Order Zombie! In Episode 95, Brother D takes a good, hard look at the 1987 zombie movie The Video Dead, written and directed by Robert Shaw. Chris MacGibbon is such a huge fan of The Video Dead, he's trying to get MGM's attention and wants to see the movie receive a proper DVD release, so he's begun an Internet campaign to raise awareness about the 80s movie. He swings by the show this week to talk about the movie and the movement. Also, we don't know if you heard, but Left 4 Dead 2 came out this week, and Miss Bren joins Brother D for a review of the videogame. In the Feedback Discussion, Miss Bren talks Brother D into giving a Headshot rating to a short zombie movie that's NOT been released to DVD . . . after we go over a few belated birthday wishes from the MOZ Family. writting and directed by Robert Shaw. Chris MacGibbon is such a huge fan of

(Please accept our apologies for pushing back our review of Black Demons. This movie will be reviewed next week in Episode 96.)

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