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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Mail Order Zombie: Episode 092

Mail Order Zombie: Episode 092Download Mail Order Zombie: Episode 092 here!

Need-a-Nickname Scott calls the antagonist of these movies the Soulsucker of the Universe! It's the end of Phantasm Month here at Mail Order Zombie, and we close out the franchise with a solid like at Phantasm IV: Oblivion, and then Scott joins Brother D for a discussion of the entire franchise (Phantasm Month was the first time Scott had watched these movies). Zombieland gets a little more attention when Chris Toohey, the man behing the upcoming Mail Order Zombie website relaunch, calls in his quick thoughts on the film; and Mathew from Shelbytownship, MI, reports in with another installment of his ABCs of Zombies, this one devoted to Zombieland. Evilution hits DVD on November 17th later this year, and Brother D preps the MOZ Family by reviewing it and giving it a Headshot rating. We've got a contest, we still have this month's Zombie Aptitude Test, or ZAT, question, and we've got Miss Bren joining the show for the week's Feedback Discussion.

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