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Monday, June 6, 2011

MOZ Presents: The Monthly Munchies: Episode 001

Download MOZ Presents: The Monthly Munchies #1 here!

MOZ Presents: The Munchies is BACK as The Monthly Munchies. On the first Monday of the month, Mail Order Zombie will release a non-zombie-rific episode of horror podcasting, and in this inaugural episode, Brother D takes a look at the DVD release from JABB pictures The Collective Presents Vol. 1: The Meat Eater (and there's a contest to win a copy of this DVD for yourself!) and the Blu-ray releases of Dementia 13 (dir. Francis Ford Coppola) and The Terror (dir. Roger Corman). After these reviews, Brother D welcomes to the show writer/podcaster/film composer/horror enthusiast Willy Greer.

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