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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Mail Order Zombie: Episode 108

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The last week before the Dead Letter Awards, and you're still getting zombie news and reviews! Brother D reviews two more 2009 releases - Gravestoned from director Michael McWillie, and
Autopsy of the Dead from director Jeff Carney. A new segment and contributor joins the MOZ podcast family - Scott (from 13visions.com) brings us the first installment of "Dead Air" in which he reviews the audio dramatization of Night of the Living Dead. Tracey fills in for Need-a-Nickname Scott in this week's ZOmbie Beat, and Miss Bren puts up with Brother D in the Feedback Discussion. A contest winner is awarded the Shock Festival DVD set, answers are still being accepted for the month's Zombie Aptitutde Test, and there's still just barely enough time fo ryou to vote in the DLAs and for your favorite listener-created promo.

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