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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Change in programming re: Episode 105

We'd like to announce a scheduling change regarding the upcoming Episode 105 of Mail Order Zombie. Instead of Eat Me: A Zombie Musical, Episode 105 will feature a review of Last of the Living (directed by Logan McMillan). We'll also have our first interview of 2010 when filmmaker Richard Griffin drops by the show to talk about his movie-making background, his experiences on films like The Stink of Flesh, Necroville and Feeding the Masses (as well as some other non-zombie projects, including the just-released Nun of That). Eat Me: A Zombie Musical will be featured in Episode 106 on February 4th, 2010. (We'll also be reviewing Burial Ground: Nights of Terror, which Zombie Hunter Tony and Brother D will co-review after having watched a theatrical screening of the film courtesy of the Portland Grindhouse Film Festival. The film will be shown 11:30pm at Cinema 21 in Portland, OR, so if anyone else would like to join Brother D and Zombie Hunter Tony, email the show at MailOrderZombie@gmail.com!)