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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Mail Order Zombie: Episode 172 - Zombie Hunters: City of the Dead, Woods of Terror, Forest of the Dead, Attack of the Moon Zombies & World of the Dead

Download Mail Order Zombie: Episode #174 here!

We're not podfading - we're pod-recharging! This is Episode 172, the final-for-now episode of Mail Order Zombie, and before we go on hiatus for the rest of 2011, we've got a lot of business to finish. Brother D takes a look at the movies World of the Dead: The Zombie Diaries (dir. Michael Bartlett and Kevin Gates), Attack of the Moon Zombies (dir. Christopher R. Mihm) and Woods of Terror/Zombie Village (dir. Jason Impey). MOZ Family Member Zombiwan calls in to help talk about the movie Forest of the Dead (dir. Brian Singleton), and Miss Bren sits down with D to watch and talk about Season One of the television series Zombie Hunters: City of the Dead (created by Patrick Devaney, who's featured with producer Chrisopher J. Murphy in an interview from HorrorHound Weekend). Even though Brother D and Miss Bren are taking a break from zombie podcasting, Professor Chad isn't missing a step with his Zombie Aptitude Test and is still take answer for the current ZAT question. Need-a-Nickname Scott is back with the news in the Zombie Beat; the winner of the Zombie Hunters contest is announced; we review your emails and voicemails in the Feedback Discussion . . . we packed a lot into this episode to help tide you over until Mail Order Zombie proper returns in January 2012!

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RIP Third Coast Zed.


-J.Darling said...

Hi MOZ family!
The Best Scene Ever is probably the craziest boob thing in High School of the Dead - but sadly I was actually NOT refering to that episode on my amendment. You'll know the 2 episodes when you see them (you won't miss much by skimming through them too). I'll see if I can send you some High School of the Dead.
Enjoy your down time!