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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Mail Order Zombie: Episode 169 - The Dead and the Damned (Cowboys and Zombies), plus Listener Reviews

Download Mail Order Zombie #169 here!

Brother D is crushing dreams by refusing to talk about zombie porn in Episode 169 of Mail Order Zombie. Instead, he gets his Western groove on with a review of the movie The Dead and the Damned, aka Cowboys and Zombies (dir. Rene Perez). Some MOZ Family members (Lionmark, Silent Death and Jay from PennyCult) take a look back on some movies previously discussed on the show and offer their own takes. Deadfinger calls in with a brief update on the production of World War Z, Professor Chad reviews your Zombie Aptitude Test answers from last month and presents the latest ZAT question, and Miss Bren joins the show for the Feedback Discussion.

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