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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Mail Order Zombie: Episode 163.5 - Gearing up for Crypticon Seattle 2011; Writer's Apocalyptic Super Panel from Dragon*Con 2010

LinkDownload Mail Order Zombie: Episode 163.5 here!

Brother D and Miss Bren and getting ready for Crypticon Seattle 2011, and while they're getting ready to participate in a few panels in Seattle, The Matt Hatter takes you back to Atlanta for a panel from Dragon*Con 2010. Writers S. M. Stirling, Michael Z. Williamson, Christopher Golden, Scott Sigler and Dead Letter Award-winner Jonathan Maberry participate in the Writer's Apocalyptic Super Panel where they discuss their books, their unique approaches to the apocalypse (post- and otherwise), zombies, epidemics, Homeland Security and alien invasions.

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greendeva3 said...

Looking forward to your broadcast,Brother D!