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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Mail Order Zombie: Episode 159 - Zombie Honeymoon, See the Dead, The Infection

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Twas the Thursday before HorrorHound Weekend, and all through the . . . um . . . podcast . . . ? Whatever . . . This is Episode 159 of Mail Order Zombie, and this week, Brother D gets back to business and reviews the movies Zombie Honeymoon (dir. David Gebroe) and See the Dead (dir. Robert W. Filion). Need-a-Nickname Scott is on vacation this week, so Brother D also tackles the regular round-up of zombie news in the Zombie Beat, but before Scott took off, he sent in a review of the novel The Infection by Craig DiLouie. Miss Bren helps D tackle nearly a month's worth of emails and voicemails in the Feedback Discussion (the Discussion was kicked off with a call-in report from the recent Monster Mania Con, courtesy of Zombart!).

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