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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Mail Order Zombie: Episode 156 - Alice Jacobs is Dead, Hell is Full, Dawn of the Mummy

Download Mail Order Zombie: Episode #156 here!

Episode 156 of Mail Order Zombie finds Brother D doing (one of the things!) what he does best (or, at least HE'D like to think so!). He reviews three more zombie movies - Dawn of the Mummy (dir. Frank Agrama), Hell is Full (dir. Steve Hudgins) and Alice Jacobs is Dead (dir. Alex Horwitz). Need-a-Nickname Scott expands the Zombie Beat to include news of the post-apocalyptic variety, Brother D announces two new contests and Miss Bren names the winner of the Resident Evil: Afterlife Blu-ray. And Feedback? There's plenty!

(The scheduled Survivors discussion ran a little long, so it's been pushed back to Episode 156.5 next week. The nominees for the 3rd Annual Mail Order Zombie Dead Letter Awards will be announced February 12, 2011.)

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