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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Mail Order Zombie: Episode 143

Download Mail Order Zombie #143 here!

After 143 episodes and 250 movie reviews, Brother D is drawing a blank for a clever show description for Episode 143 of Mail Order Zombie . . . or maybe watching The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Died and Became Mixed-Up Zombies did him in . . . even if Need-a-Nickname Scott held his hand while reviewing the Ray Dennis Steckler cult classic. Also, D reviews the book Night of the Living Dead: Behind the Scenes of the Most Terrifying Zombie Movie Ever. Richard from Wichita lets the MOZ Family know about two zombie-ish events happening in his neck of the woods, and Miss Bren has recovered from her root canal to knock out a chunk of voicemails and emails in this week's Feedback Discussion. Umami.

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